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Jewellery care

Something we get asked a lot about at Glenna is how to care for your jewellery. We thought we could write down a few tips to make sure you get the best from your new jewellery and how to keep it in its best condition for years to come. Hopefully you will find it useful!

The metals that jewellery are generally made from - silver and gold - are two of the most valuable and precious metals around. They are also classed as ‘softer’ metals, so can over time be damaged and scratched through bad storage or from day to day wear.

To ensure you keep your earrings, rings, pendants or bracelets shiny and perfect, it is a good idea to store each piece of jewellery separately to prevent them from knocking and scratching each other. This will keep them ready for the next big night out and prevents those nasty necklace tangles that take a whole evening to sort!

Being careful with your jewellery will ensure that your purchase lasts a lifetime. Avoiding knocks or drops will prolong the life of your jewellery – but don’t worry too much, we all want to wear our jewellery after all so enjoy it!

Chemicals, air pollution and other abrasive liquids such as hairspray, creams, toothpaste, deodorants or household cleaning products can discolour and tarnish jewellery. Tarnishing can easily be combated by polishing but for very soft metals like 18 and 24ct gold, over-polishing can actually remove tiny amounts of metal from the surface of the jewellery. Many people notice their 18 or 24ct

gold becomes (very slightly!) lighter or thinner (e.g. a ring) over many years – over-polishing is one of the main reasons.

The best way to polish a piece of silver or gold jewellery is lightly with a soft jewellery polishing cloth. This removes chemicals, pollutants or abrasives that build up from wearing the jewellery and help keep that lovely shine.

Good storage and regular (but light!) cleaning of your silver or gold will keep the jewellery looking perfect for years to come, but if you are ever in doubt it’s always best to ask your jeweller for advice. Jewellery should last a lifetime, and it can if you look after it well!

Hope this helps,